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Purposeful Listening Activities

Posted by Susan Armstrong on October 27, 2010 at 10:33 AM

PURPOSEFUL Listening is listening with a purpose; listening to and following instructions.

These are activities designed to help strengthen this listening skill!

1)   Pass it down- Challenge the children’s listening and communications skills with this fun game. Form a line or a circle, in a large group. Tell the children that you will tell the first child “Bob” a secret in his  ear and then he will tell the next person, “Mary” and then she will tell “Ty” and so on, until all the children have heard it and passed it down. Tell them that you will be the first to tell the secret, and you will also be the last to hear the secret. The trick is going to be telling it exactly the same way that it originally started out.For example, whisper in Bob’s ear, something specific and detailed, such as “My Saint Bernard had five pretty puppies last Saturday night at nine, and I am so excited!” It will be interesting to see if the secret stays the same once it reaches the end!

2)    Sequential Story Blocks- Prepare before class, a set of blocks with pictures that match a particular book you are going to read to the children. Once finished reading the story have the children to put the blocks in order/sequence with the storyline.

3)   Now, tell me the story- Read a story to the children in your class. When finished, ask them to tell you, as best they can,the story, in order from beginning to end, with as many details as possible.

4)   Teacher Says! - Start up a game of Teacher Says (same as Simon Says) to build listening and comprehension skills.

5)   Nature’s step by step- Before going outside on a nature walk, give instructions for the children to find five specific items to bring back inside for discussion.

Give them an oral list of things to gather together, such as

1) a pine cone

2) a large leaf

3) a small leaf

4) an acorn

5) two blades of grass that are the same length of their thumbs

Compare and discuss the items brought in and see how well everyone listened and remembered their oral list.


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