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Appreciative Listening Activities

Posted by Susan Armstrong on October 19, 2010 at 4:22 PM

APPRECIATIVE Listening is listening to music, poems and stories that are enjoyable, meaningful and purposeful for each child.

1)   Musical Painting- Music can change your mood and outlook. Play some music and have the children paint the way the music makes them feel. Provide enough time in the activity for exploration of the moods of the music.

2)   Musical Movements- Provide scarves and ribbons. Provide a free flowing mood setting music. Encourage the children to move to the music, to listen to the sounds and to try to move their bodies and scarves in motion with the music.

3)   Clap to the Beat- During music and movement time, encourage children to clap out the beat of the music. Also encourage children to try to clap out the syllables of the words in the songs (alternate the activities of course). For example, for “Old Mac Donald” you’d clap out four times for the syllables.

4)   Soothing Sounds- Discuss how sounds produce emotions. Discuss each child’s favorite sounds. Give an example “My favorite soothing is the sound is the sound of the ocean’s waves. I love to hear the sounds of the waves and wind from the sea. It calms me and makes me feel happy and content.” Play the ocean sounds on CD. Try to do that for each of the children’s favorite soothing sounds as well. If you don’t have it, ask them to bring it in the next day.

5)   How does it make you feel? - Gather together various short poems. Discuss how poems are meaningful short stories, meant to produce emotions. Tell/read some of the poems. After each one read, ask the children to try to express how it made them feel and why they think so.


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