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Concepts: Hard and Soft

Posted by Susan Armstrong on October 13, 2010 at 7:39 PM

Hard & Soft Collage Activity


Materials needed:

1)   Large sheet of paper (can be colored or white)

2)   Glue

3)   Pencils,markers  and crayons

4)   Scissors

5)   Soft items: Different colored pom-poms, Cotton balls, Sponges, foam, etc.

6)   Hard items: beans, rice, small pebbles, beads, uncooked macaroni noodles, etc.


This activity can be done as a whole class, or students can be broken into small groups, based on your preferences. It is to be done at the desks or the tables, based on your preferences as well.

Outcome goals:

The items used to represent hard or soft will be focused on in this activity. The children are to discuss, as a class and individually, the differences and likenesses of hard and soft items, especially the items used in this activity. Language and literacy skills are developed by verbalizing the differences and similarities, discussing items that are hard or soft, getting and giving feedback about the items, and by writing and labeling the items used, as either hard or soft, and naming the items. Children must be able to work corroboratively in a group and individually. Fine motor skills enhanced, as well as cognitive, social and emotional skills development.


After introducing and discussing hard and soft items with the class, introduce the activity. Provide each child with a sheet of paper,glue, scissors, and the hard and soft items collected before class. Prepare before class, your own hard and soft collage to show the class, as an example only. From the hard and soft items the children have been given, instruct them to glue some hard items onto the paper, to form the word HARD, and the same with the word SOFT, glue soft items onto the word. Each child should be reminded to leave a little room under the words, for the labeling of the items.Once the children are finished with the collage, and it had dried, have them to write the names of the items under HARD and SOFT, to reiterate the lesson and give them writing practice. So once the activity is complete, they should havea nice collage of hard and soft items to display, forming the word in which they represent.


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