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Posted by Susan Armstrong on May 5, 2010 at 1:58 PM

Teddy Graham Math


Teddy Graham Math is designed for preschool aged children but can be modified for other age groups. This is a fun way to encourage children to learn math concepts and skills. Not only is it a math lesson, but it is a sensory experience!



1. Develop math skills - subtracting

2. Math language skills: minus, subtract, take away, less than

3. Develop math concepts such as sorting, counting and grouping

4. Compare and contrast groups


Materials Needed:

 Box/boxes of chocolate Teddy Graham crackers

 Box/boxes of honey flavored Teddy Graham crackers

 Small container for each child

 Construction paper and glue

 Paper towels or paper plates

This can be modified to work in a small group, but is set up for a one on one learning experience.



1. Introduce the containers and Teddy Grahams to the children. Hand out a container and paper towel for each child. Have the children decorate their container with the construction paper and also encourage them to glue on a few Teddy Grahams if they like (for tactile learners).

2. To begin, place five chocolate and five honey Teddy Grahams in front of child. Take away three and put them in the container (or eat them). Ask the child ?How many do you have left to eat? How many did I take away? How many chocolate ones are left? Honey??

3. Start again with a group of five chocolate and five honey Teddy Grahams. Ask the child to eat two of the chocolate ones or two honey. ?How many are left in the chocolate group? How many are left in the honey group? How many are there total from both groups since there were some deducted/ taken away/ reduced?? Continue this process and even add more back into groups in multiples of five as long as the children are receptive and ready to learn more. Be sure to emphasize subtraction words like take away, reduce, difference.

4. Clean up all Teddy Grahams, paper and paper towels once finished.



Provide guidance and help them to understand the subtraction concept. Feel free to change the one to one to a small group lesson.



Were all the objectives met? Did the younger children from the group participate as long as the older children? What would you change the next time we do this activity?

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