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What's the idea?

Hello! My big idea is to share some of my lesson plans, ideas and information with fellow Early Childhood Educators and I encourage you to do the same. Currently, majority of this information comes from my own projects or classroom experiences and from other fantastic sites designed to give teachers the tools they need to succeed! All ideas you share, as well as any feedback is greatly appreciated!

The linked resources are from various sources specifically designed for all children from birth to twelve years of age.

I love web sites where educators share their ideas and lessons with one another, so I wanted to do the same. I hope my ideas help you and I hope to get new ideas from you too. My goal is to be the best educator that I can be. To be able to give and take curriculum ideas with teachers who have different levels of experiences is encouraging to us all and would be beneficial to the children we work with. Please feel free to share anything beneficial to our children's education and spiritual well being.


Feel free to browse the site and to drop off lesson plans or ideas of your own under the "Share!" tab!

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A recent poetry chart made for my favorite color:




Oh, how I love the color blue!

It’s all around us, yes it’s true.

All my clothes show it is true,

And maybe even yours do too?

Oh, how I love the color blue!






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The more information, resources and ideas we have, the better we can be as educators. The better we are as educators- the better educated our children will be!



My latest video: CHILD'S PLAY

This was designed to show parents in a center, about the importance of PLAY in their child's growth and development.




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